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So, next year, they're releasing a new theme designed "just for girls", Friends, which is just as pink and frilly as Belville was, but at least the characters are closer to normal lego scale. They _should_ have been proper minifigs, like in the old Paradisa sets, but at least it looks like the hair pieces are compatible.

So why am I complaining, you ask? Because if the pictures that have been leaked on the internet are accurate, they've changed the color palette for the bricks. WHY?!?!? They already had pastel colors, why do they need new shades? It's hard enough to match the rarer hues as it is, so why did they need more? At this rate, I'll never be able to build an accurate MOC of Arcee. Sigh. Stupid Lego.

Of course I'm still going to buy them all for my nieces. But I'll be doing it with a snarl on my face.
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For when livejournal goes offline due to the alleged DDOS from the Russian government. I vote "Putin made the goat cry".
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Well, those went quick.

Come and get it! At the end of our driveway, we have the following items:
- Gas clothes dryer, old but works
- Ancient convection oven
- Electric heater, needs new plug but otherwise fine
- bicycle

Our address is 1514 Arrowood Dr, Madison. Don't even bother knocking on the door, just take them off our hands.
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Just barely smart enough to get into trouble. You see, he observed his monkeys eating asparagus fresh from the garden. From this, he deduced it was edible, and proceeded, on his next potty break, to devour all of the plants down to the roots. The effect on his digestive system was about what you'd expect, which is why I got woken up 4 times last night to let him out. Stupid dog...
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And I hope Bin Ladin's demise was slow and painful. Not torture, oh no, that would be wrong. Rather, I hope he was gut-shot and crawled off do bleed out slowly in the darkness, despite our best efforts at capture. In a more just world, tomorrow would be an impromptu national holiday. At the very least, hangovers should be considered a valid medical excuse to miss work or class, just for this one day. Drink up, America!
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So, I started reading an article about the alleged racism and sexism in American Idol. And what were the very first pieces of "Evidence" the author presented? The fact that out of 9 winners, "only" 4 have been women and 3 haven't been white.

It is true, technically, that 4/9 is less than 50%. It's also true that 5/9 is more than 50%, and that with an odd denominator, it is impossible to get exactly half. This first piece of data is therefore meaningless.

As for the race issue, non-caucasians make up 28% of the US population. 3/9 = 33.3%, so that means brown people are actually over-represented as winners. But this is also meaningless, as 2/9 = 22.2%, which would be under-represented.

It is literally impossible to get results that are closer to equality than those given, yet this is supposed to be evidence of some sort of systematic bias? Maybe the author made better points later in the article, but honestly, if they're going to demonstrate that sort of innumeracy in the very first paragraph, I'm not going to waste my time reading further.
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Quiz: What Kind of Liberal Are You?

My Liberal Identity

You are a Working Class Warrior, also known as a blue-collar Democrat. You believe that the little guy is getting screwed by conservative greed-mongers and corporate criminals, and you’re not going to take it anymore.

Take the quiz at Political Humor

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Methyl mercury also has a hormetic effect, at least in ducks. I will pay you 5 bucks to chug a nice tall glass of the stuff.
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Finding a back issue that you last saw going for $10.00 in a clearance bin for 25 cents. And in good condition too.
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"All eight of the GOP senators who are eligible for recall have been filed against. If you live in one of their districts, go find the petition and sign it, we've got 60 days to do this."

"if you wish to participate in the recall of any republican senators, call 608-255-5172."

This could be fun. In as little as 3 months, or at most 5, we might have some new senate-critters. And at this point, the only way that Governor Wanker _doesn't_ face a recall next January, is if his urine cures cancer. He might not actually LOSE the recall, but if it were held tomorrow, he would. Granted, a lot can happen in 10 months. Who knows, maybe busting all the unions, selling off public utilities without competitive bidding, and becoming a one man death panel, might actually help the economy. But I ain't betting on it.


Jan. 31st, 2011 07:27 pm
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So, I was sweeping up around the house, and found a bunch of red dog hairs that were far too long to have been Buddie's. Life goes on, I guess. I keep meaning to write a proper obituary for Roxxie, maybe this will push me to it.
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In what context would the symbol for "horizontal bedding" even remotely make sense on that map? Seriously, if you're going to defend yourself from what you feel is an unfair allegation, don't lie blatantly while doing it.

Oh, and also don't make ridiculous counter-accusations of persecution. "Sarah Palin uses the blood of Democrat children in her barbecue sauce" is an _actual_ blood libel. "Violent rhetoric that you used may have influenced an unstable person to do something violent" is not.
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When we all lived together, after her human left for work in the morning, Roxxie would come into [profile] naughtyaelf's and my room and do one of two things: Either chew on my beard, and wake me up, or cuddle up to my head, and put me into an even deeper sleep. Whenever we dogsat her, she would sleep right between our heads. Until, that is, Aelf got a sheep fleece as a birthday present and put it on the foot of our bed. At that point, THAT became her favored cushion. If it were feasible for us to ship it out to her human so she could be buried in it, we would. Don't rest in piece, little girl. Gallumph through those clouds with vigor, fierce thudwhalloper.
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Our friend and former house-mate's dog Roxxie never took more than a day or two to learn whichever new euphemism we came up with to talk about the laser pointer without getting her excited. She picked up new tricks quickly, and was always so proud to show them off. As a puppy, it only took her one failed attempt at nursing from [profile] naughtyaelf to figure out that humans didn't like that sort of thing. She _knew_ better than to run into the street, dammit. So why did she?
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After an entomology professor makes a point of mentioning _twice_ in class that cantharidin ("Spanish fly") has no aphrodisiac effect on humans, one would think that the correct answer to a question on the final about it would be "Nope, not an aphrodisiac". But alas, as it's a sex pheromone, it _is_ an aphrodisiac, just for other beetles. ARGH!

Also, I've had a horrible insight about Charles Stross' "Laundry" series (AKA James Bond meets Cthulhu meets "The Office"). The SCORPION STARE death-ray network isn't primarily intended for zapping monsters and cultists. It's main purposes will be A) Ruthlessly maintaining order among the rabble when The Stars Are Right and the UK is desperately struggling to survive; and B) Scorched earth. When an Old One starts manifesting, kill every potential snack in the immediate area, in the hopes they go somewhere else. And considering how bad things are going to get when the ichor hits the fan, both of those are morally defensible policies.
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This evening, we had to scold Buddy for getting into something he wasn't supposed to. As he cringed under the table, our housemate's dog Rain padded over and sat between us and our wayward pup. Not in a defiant way, you understand, but in a "If you're punishing my friend, please punish me too humans!" way. It was the sweetest thing we saw all day.
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If someone is really forcing their homosexuality down your throat or into your rectum, contact the police and file rape charges. If this is not actually happening, quit it with the histrionics. You can still hate those Damned Queers all you want, and you can even tell the rest of us about it. You just can't deprive them of this one particular civil liberty any more. This does not constitute persecution towards you.
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Maybe now Obama will grow a spine and exercise his authority as Commander in Chief and order the military to stop processing DADT discharges. Oh, wait, the mean ol' Republicans might get all butthurt if he does that, that would be just terrible.

And to all those that worry that worry that there will be a homophobe exodus from the military: Good! We don't need their kind. The majority of troops don't care, and that sad minority whose pwecious wittle feewings are too delicate to bear serving with the big scawwy homos, we're better off without.

Edit: Oh crap, I just realized, Obama still hasn't signed it yet! He might just decide to capitulate and veto in the name of bipartisanship. :-P

Edited Edit: Yes, I was being sarcastic. To be completely serious, though, I highly doubt Obama is going to do more than the absolute minimum the new law requires. He's not going to put a freeze on discharges, and they'll keep happening right up until the law takes full effect. He's not going to order the military to allow those who were already kicked out to reenlist, and when Private JustGotKickedOutTwoDaysAgo goes to court to get back in, the Obama administration will fight it. When that hypothetical soldier succeeds and gets promoted to Sergeant I'dLikeMyPartnerToGetSpousalBenefits, they'll fight that too. I may be a cynical bastard, seeing patriotic Americans getting kicked out of their country's service almost 2 freaking years after their “Fierce Advocate” takes office will do that.
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Upon reading the traitor states "articles of secession", it seems that their main complaint was that the federal government wasn't forcing the free states to apply the fugitive slave law. So really, the Civil War _was_ about states rights, and the seceding states were agin' em.

Edit: And another major complaint seems to be that the free states didn't censor abolitionists.


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