Mar. 31st, 2007 12:50 am
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As I inch further and further into decrepitude and senility, I find myself seriously considering the virtues of sterilization. It seems increasingly unlikely that I'll ever actually get married, leaving the only possibility of reproduction being a drunken tryst, and that would just be plain irresponsible. I have enough relatives that most of my genes have already been passed on, and if I ever _do_ get hitched, there's always adoption.

Anyway, here's linky things: Marvel at The School Prayer Riots, thrill to Bootleg Jack Chick Theater, be amazed that Abstinance-only doesn't work, Be electrified at the Secret Wars Re-enactment Society, goggle your eyes at Transformers Cosplay, and faint with glee while watching Transformers Movie Trailers. Man, if this movie somehow _doesn't_ rule, there'll be hell to pay, by Primus!

Edit: More linky things, this time permanent ones. Read the blogs Pam's House Blend and Pandagon, then look at the pretty pictures in Candi and Home on the Strange.
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Kids, if you ever find yourself in a life or death struggle with a psycho killer, and you manage to knock him down, don't just stop hitting him and run away. Kick him in the throat, ribs, and groin until he stops moving, THEN run away. The same goes for werewolves, Amway salesmen, and date rapists.

And don't fight fair, no matter what the circumstances. If the schoolyard bully/would be rapist wanted to keep his teeth and testicles, he shouldn't have targeted you. The object of self-defense is to minimize harm to your own person; the bodily integrity of your assailant is at best a minor consideration. (The obvious corollary to this is, if _you_ start the fight, you deserve whatever happens to you. Not that I think any of _my_ nieces or nephews would start a fight.)

I'm down to the last pile of paperwork. All of it's stupid administrivia that no one will ever read, but it's still got to be done. Yet, I feel.... uneasy. By getting all caught up with my busywork, it's almost like the gods are wrapping up whatever 'surprise' they have for me. The calm before the storm is coming to an end. Or maybe the surprise will be "Nothing". Boy, that'd show me. What kidders the gods are, heh heh... :-/
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Keep your nails short, don't get any facial piercings, and never wear clothing or shoes that restrict your movement. Zombies, aliens, and attempted rapists could strike at any moment, any form of personal adornment that hinders your ability to fight or flee is a Bad Thing. Facial piercings are especially bad; I have it on good authority that they hurt even worse than nipple piercings when forcibly ripped out. I'm going to watch movies now, more random advice may follow...


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