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One more week, and I'm gonna be a real boy again. No more shall I be a puppet dancing to the whims of others. Instead, I'll have to come up with my own whims. (gulp) I _knew_ there was a catch somewhere...

I spent the weekend with my dear friend [ profile] blue_chicory at Norwescon. It was fun. Got to dress up in my Adam Ant costume, and I met Lois McMaster Bujold. Seattle was cold and rainy. The Dealer's Room was woefully devoid of comic books. Etc, etc.

Here's pictures:

Me as a Dandy Highwayman
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Corrie and me partying hardily
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Dammit, I blinked
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"Wolves of the Calla", to be specific. There was something odd about the cover, and I couldn't quit figure out what it was. Then it hit me: In the cover art, Susannah the Gunslinger's got _muscles_. The kind of muscles that, realistically, any woman who'd spent years in a wheelchair, then struggled through the wilderness for months, should have. I don't recall _ever_ seeing "fantasy art" where the Barbarian Swordwoman/Enlightened Blackbelt/Athletic Archeologist/Superheroine had musculature commensurate with her chosen profession. Red Sonja looks like a damn cheerleader, and even Honor Harrington is never portrayed as buff as she _should_ be. I never noticed this before, but now that I have, I find it intensely annoying.

Speaking of annoying, the latest Lego theme is once again a complete sausage fest. Out of 4 'heroic' characters, all are male. To make matters worse, the blue haired one's hairstyle looks nothing like Bleu Finnigan, so I'll have to use paint when I do my custom minifigs after all. (grumble, grumble)
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I noticed that one of the “Exo-Force” 2006 sets has a minifig with bright blue, anime styled hair. Happy Skipping Joy, this means I’ll get to make a Bleu Finnegan minifigure _without_ having to resort to the slightly shameful expedient of modelling paint! As all TRUE Lego Maniacs know, the best custom projects are those that require nothing more than mixing and matching pieces; while paint jobs and stickers are acceptable, they’re certainly not something that should be bragged about, and should be avoided unless absolutely necessary (Needless to say, attacking perfectly good lego pieces with x-acto knives and modeling putty is an abomination that can only be expunged through defenestration).


Jul. 5th, 2005 07:08 am
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Just got a mix CD from [ profile] madlycool, containing all the music ever referenced in [ profile] girlmod's ridiculously cool "Blue Monday" and "Scooter Girl" comics. Joy!
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Blue Monday, by [ profile] girlmod. Brilliantly funny, well drawn, at times touching, at other times unbelievably demented, it has something for everyone! The latest trade paperback just came out, titled "Painted Moon". Go buy it today, even if Chynna is a big meanie who never answered my query as to whether Bleu's hair color was naturally blue. (If there's ever a movie, that could be an important plot point. Or something.)


Mar. 26th, 2005 12:41 am
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Many thankyou's to the fine folk over at Oni Press. They sent me a _BIG_ box of free books, and I didn't even ask! Well, OK, I asked for one book, and they sent me 20. What wonderful guys. :-) Especially treasured will be the Blue Monday books, written by [ profile] girlmod. It's one of the most incredibly awesome comics ever written, and there's nary a cape nor cowl in it. READ IT! NOW!!!!

Also, welcome my favorite niece Annie to the LiveJournal community. She goes by [ profile] musicluvr4ever. I still remember when she was a baby and her favorite passtime was chewing on her toes. Then she turned into a toddler, and her favorite pastime was to try and stick said toes into _other_ people's mouths, and then laugh uproariously... :-)


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