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Why are leather kilts more expensive than leather pants? They use less material, after all. Do they really take $200-300 more worth of labor to produce, or is it simply a matter of economy of scale, and if more people bought them, the price would go down?

Edit: OK, I will defer to the experts who say it does in fact take more material, and a lot more labor. Still, the discrepancy shouldn't be that severe in an "ideal" situation where both were manufactured in the same numbers with the same degree of mechanization and overhead. I wonder if there's any way to estimate what the cost would be if that were the case? Any Economists here?
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The question is, "Who _doesn't_ need a pimp hat?" And thanks to the seasonal Halloween store's "Everything must go!" sale, now I have one! )

As for what my costumes were, first there was Bluebeard the Pirate Goth, but this picture didn't turn out so good. )

My picture of second costume, though, did. Too bad there were those pesky supervillains attacked right when I was posing as Clark Kent. )
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I had a perfect idea for a halloween costume: The Corinthian. I have everything I need except the contact lenses, but I really can't justify spending $330 bucks for a prop I'll use, at most, once every few years. Alas.
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You scored as Classic Goth. Classic! the best kind! actually, you're probably a little of every kind of Goth! you love the old-school stuff! too bad there arent more of your kind around here any more...


Classic Goth


Denial Goth


Industrial Goth


Poser Goth


Romantic Goth


The True Goth Quiz
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Disclaimer: I AM male, though. That's important, even for goths. Most goths, anyway.
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But it had to be done. Don't you understand, it was necessary, for the greater good! Yes, I know that a male wearing a fishnet top is about the most hackneyed and cheap of Goth cliches, but dammit, some times fishnet is justified! Just because most of those other fishnet wearing Goths aren't worthy, doesn't mean I'm not! How else can I possibly display my new tat, in a manner that does it justice? IT WAS THE ONLY WAY, I TELL YOU!!!

So I keep repeating to myself. Intellectually, I know it to be true. But in my heart, I still feel angst...
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I know I sometimes give the impression that my existence is a thing of unremitting horror, but that picture is not quite accurate. Take Friday night, for example. True, if I had not recently started partying again, I might have been depressed enough to do something rash. As it was, I had a nice night. Went out to my favorite club, didn't drink too heavily, and had an incredible amount of fun. Pictures with captions like "Who is that poor tattooed freak, and what are those women DOING to him?!?!?" will float around the internet for year to come, no doubt destroying any possibility of a future career in politics. Days like this, I truly love being me. :-)

The rest of the weekend has been OK. Yesterday, I went to a barbecue at a friend's house, where we ate the fabled "Goetz-Burgers", whose recipe shall be posted if anyone wants it. They are the best hamburgers of all time, but I'm not sure if anyone except Dan can really make them properly. Their secret may be one of those Things Man Was Not Meant To Know.

After that, I went into Savannah again. Picked up this weeks comics, and chatted with my civilian friend Rodney, who is the official Holder Of The Blackmail Photos (That Is, If I Had A Sense Of Shame, And Were Thus Blackmailable). I then went to Barnes and Noble and got some new CDs, and went out to the club again. That night's revelry was much tamer though. After an hour or so, I went out for a walk, ran into some co-workers, and ate sushi. All told, a satisfying night.

Today may be a bummer. I have to finish packing some bags for immanent deployment. Oh well, the fun had to stop some time.
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Getting shot down and KNOWING, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that had you the spine to press your suit a few weeks earlier, she'd have said yes. "Gee, I _would_ have slept with you, but then I got to know you and thought better of it" are words that were not actually said, but the implication is clear. Sigh. OTHER than that, this weekend's party was good, which doesn't change the fact that I'm going to die miserable and alone. :-P


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