Oh GAWD no!

Feb. 2nd, 2009 07:08 pm
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I just moved to the other side of a medium sized lecture hall to try and escape the stench of a Particularly Dirty Hippy. But I can _still_smell_them_. I don't know which possibility is worse, that their loathsome miasma could fill a whole room, or that it might somehow be clinging to me.

Update: Class is over, and the stink didn't follow me out. Seriously, did the guy not _know_ he smelled like a wet dead dog soaked in cat piss, or did he just not care?
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Wonder how many fellow students will skip class to watch the inauguration?
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No snow day for me, oh no. Gotta take stupid Chemistry final. Moreover, forgot that min-museum in Physics building was closed for finals week, so I could not sacrifice pennies to the Black Hole God. I'm doomed, I tell you, doomed!

Considering the snow, today might actually have been a good day to wear my normally wildly impractical knee-high pirate boots. On the other hand, they have no ankle support whatsoever, so that might not have worked out. Bleh.
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... That if you store bottles of beer laying on their side in the refrigerator, they'll foam up much more when you open then than if you'd stored them standing up? I wonder why this is? It can't _just_ be because of the slight extra shaking caused by rotating the bottle from a horizontal to a vertical orientation, can it? I figure it's probably because when laid flat, the side of the bottle that's 'up' dries out some, and when the beer is sloshed back right before opening, this somehow provides a better surface for bubbles to form. I'll have to ask my Chemistry professor about that tomorrow after the final, she'd probably know.
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Couldn't sleep worth a damn this afternoon. Have to go to work tonight. Have a final right after I get off. Maybe they'll let me off early so I can take a nap? Here's hoping...

Also, since only [livejournal.com profile] bipagan was the only one who could make my actual birthday party, I've decided to have another one this thursday. Pizza and Legos at my apartment at 6, be there or be... not square, I guess, since legos do tend to have many right angles.
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14 hours ago: "Man, I'm tired. I'll go to sleep now, get up early, and then do my homework."

1 hour ago: "Snrk. Whuzzat? Whattimizit? (looks at clock) Dammit."

I believe I've mentioned my lack of an internal clock before. :-P

Woo hoo!

Nov. 21st, 2008 05:52 pm
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So, I think I actually did pretty well on yesterday's chemistry test. While I might not have aced it, I'm confident I at least made up slightly for bombing the last one. I guess all those pennies I sacrificed to the Black Hole God worked.

... "What is the Black Hole God?" you say? So glad you asked! See, there is a coin funnel in the Physics building on campus, and the Black Hole God is a minor deity that resides therein. Now, I've never actually SEEN said deity, but I know in my heart, spleen, and appendix that It is there, for how else would I have gotten passing grades on math heavy subjects? You see, that is the only area that the Black Hole God is capable of granting prayers in. You drop in pennies, the Black Hole God eats them, if It is satisfied with your offerings you get inspiration on the test, and you can divine the omens relating to your grades from the collisions that may or may not result when you drop several pennies in at once.

Now, some may demand "proof" of all this. Well, I have a photograph right here:
photo behind cut )
Showing where It lives! You might foolishly demand further evidence, like a picture of the Black Hole God Itself, but I say the mere idea is Hubris. Even assuming that It is visible in Its native form, it would surely be an act of arrogance to shine a light into the funnel and attempt to catch a glimpse of Its diminutive glory. While Its smiting ability is probably only commensurate to Its prayer-answering power, _I_ sure don't want to be struck with hangnails for such a blasphemous act.


Nov. 17th, 2008 11:44 am
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Feeling slightly sick today. Hope I don't have whatever's going around campus, that would just ruin my week.

Edit Fine now. I think it was probably just the effects of taking my vitamins before having breakfast, I've noticed that problem before. The day is _still_ ugh, though, as I got back some tests to find out that I had basically gotten points knocked off for stupidity. In hindsight, I _knew_ what the answers should have been, but I answered the questions too hastily, and didn't put down what they actually wanted. I can't bitch about it, I should have read more carefully.

I _can_ bitch about getting points knocked off for pettiness of the grader. Seriously, who takes off points for a layer in a cross section being 1.5 millimeters too narrow?!? And I should have gotten partial credit for the question where I mixed up "tectonic settings" with "sedimentary setting", as I gave almost complete answers, 2 freaking words were missing. But anyway, as long as they were equally petty with everyone, I should still get As for the courses in question. Yay curving!
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I had the Dumb. I still think I did pretty well on my Structural Geology test, even if I did space on a fairly important question. I wrote enough down that I should get partial credit at least. Now brain can turn off.
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Tomorrow, I get to go on another field trip. Tromping thru the wilds of central Wisconsin. During hunting season. Now, at one point in time I HAD both a reflective belt and vest, which would come in real handy for protecting myself from trigger-happy rednecks. But no, when I got out of the Army, I gave them away. So trying to "reform" my packrat tendencies has _put_my_very_life_at_risk_. Having learned my lesson, I'm never throwing or giving anything away again.

At least having to get up so early means I have an "excuse" not to go out tonight. I'm not in any mood to enjoy myself, but I know from experience that NOT going out to a previously planned event would make me feel worse. This way, though, I get to bitch about missing it and feel virtuous.
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I'm spending the day looking at Big Black Dykes intruding into each other. And it's all for Science!


Oct. 10th, 2008 03:03 pm
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I'm doing better in my geology classes thab I thought. Too bad that I have reluctantly come to the conclusion that, cool as geology is in theory, actually going out and banging on rocks is boring. Maybe biology would be more fun? At least it would be indoors...
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Man, Chimistry Chemistry has MATH in it. You know what this means: More sacrifices to the Black Hole God if I want a good grade.
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If I take another hit of caffeine now, I'll be too hyper to pay attention in class; If I wait another 2 hours, I'll be unable to nap before work. Decisions, decisions...
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It always amuses me when I'm in one of the science buildings on campus and I see an Emergency Shower. The irony is that the Dirty Hippies who most need them are the least likely to be in those particular building. OTOH, some of the Science Geeks are almost as bad...
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Verily, in gratitude for Its most puissant aid in vanquishing the hated Math Final, I did sacrifice a dollar and fifty cents worth of pennies to the Black Hole God. And it was Good. _Real_ good.

I wonder, would I be as annoyed at a teacher for flirting with a student, if the student in question _wasn't_ one that I, personally, was in lust with? I'd like to think so, but I can't be sure. On further observation, it would seem I was too hasty in assuming intentions vile, I think the teacher in question is just a touchy-feely type who treats all his students the same, which is somewhat of a relief; It's horrible and wrong for a girl to be hit on by a guy twice her age, when there's a someone only 1.4 times her age available.

On a serious note, while my own personal post-traumatic stress doesn't include violent responses to casual contact, there are enough people whose trauma did have that side effect, to say nothing of all those perfectly sane folk who simply don't like it, to make me leery of it. Yessirree, the Army taught me that touching strangers without permission can be dangerous. :-/


May. 28th, 2008 12:41 pm
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I must be allergic to _something_ in the UW greenhouse, because I started itching when I was in there an hour ago, and it hasn't stopped yet. Curses to all green growing things...

Also, I passed Math! The Black Hole God did not fail me (unlike SOME deities we could name)! In gratitude, I will sacrifice a veritable Plethora of Pennies tomorrow morning.
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I _had_ a plan for passing today's math final: I was going to sacrifice a whole DOLLAR'S WORTH of pennies to the Black Hole God who lives in the coin funnel in the Physics Museum. Little did I know, that said museum was closed today. No sacrifice = terrible grade, I just know it. This is what I get for relying on faith instead of Reason...
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Prior to every math class and/or test, I have a little ritual: I stop by the coin funnel in the Physics building and sacrifice pennies to the Black Hole God. From the pattern of the spirals, I have found I can divine the general short term future of my progress in the Arts Mathematical. Lots of collisions between pennies = good omen, lack thereof = bad. Today, I sacrificed 35 whole cents, and only got _2_ collisions, neither particularly impressive. The Black Hole God must be angry at me, and alas, I don't have time to sacrifice anything more powerful, like water baloons off the roof. I can only conclude that I will fail todays test. :-P

Update: Since the test is graded on a curve, as long as everyone else did _worse_, I should be just fine!
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That is all. Once this stupid course is out of the way I'll never have to take any more of it ever again, and I will rejoice. :-P


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