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But this fan video is still pretty damned cool:

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The chimps have learned how to ride Segways.

Oh noes!

Apr. 8th, 2008 08:03 pm
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Behold the sheer mind-rending terror that is The Atheist Apocalypse!
edit: More web comics: The Smashing Adventures of the Bottomleys, Mangled Stare, Looking for Group, Backward Compatible. Other linky things: 17 month old toddler can read, The truth behind 1980s video games revealed, Is society ready for a pregnant husband?, "Civil forfeiture" really &*$%ing sucks, Gygax inspired motivational posters, In Regard to Surviving in a World With James Caan, Tin Can Optimus Prime, and finally, just for giggles, a really cool pirate wench corset

Also, Just a random thought: If you allow a friend to address you as "Asshole", does that mean you forfeit any right to complain if anyone else in the whole world does too? 'Cuz that's the exact same logic that "But black people call each other 'nigger', so why can't I?" type idiots use.
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... From Chiron Beta Prime!

For [ profile] nanimo

Dec. 11th, 2007 07:50 am
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See, I told you signing up for organ donations was <a href="">a bad idea</a>.
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... KILLING UR SAVIOR. But really, it should be "GIVIN GIFTS TO UR SAVIOUR".
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Apparently, There's gonna be a Discworld movie out on DVD soon. Joy! Also on the Christmas front, learn The secret truth about Santa, get ready to vote for the Robot Overlords ("They'll know if you didn't"), learn that Candyland is racist, read Head Trip and watch The Midwest Teen Sex Show. It's edutaining!
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I actually want socks for christmas. Not just any socks, mind you, but those really comfortable combat boot socks sold at the PX. Anyone who's been in the military should know the one's I'm talking about, the nice soft yet tough ones with the green thread in the toes. The problem is I _can't_remember_ the brand name! "Bob" in Dobbstown, this is annoying. Anyone who knows the answer, reveal it unto me! Everyone else, watch This.

Update: I've got it, they were Burlington socks! Sadly, the specific ones I want don't seem to be on the website. Are they some sort of AAFES/PX exclusive, or something?
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The song itself _would_ be fairly innocuous, but watching the video forces it into your brain, where it latches on and takes control. I don't WANT to post this, but the parasitic meme is forcing me to. Yessiree, one'a them teddy-robots crawled into my brain, like the beetle in that one Star Trek movie...

And here's the antidote. Like many counter-agents, it _would_ be toxic if taken in isolation, but if you get two poisons fighting each other, health can result!

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Mahna Mahna! Surely, no human mind could come up with such a catchy tune. It much be a cunningly crafted attack meme from Space; The Aliens shall invade, yet we will be unable to resist as we'll be humming along with the sound of their War Engines. Fiendish...


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